Spinal Manipulation vs. Acetaminophen for Chronic Neck Pain

In this University of Colorado study, researchers compared chiropractic spinal manipulation with Acetaminophen for the treatment of chronic neck pain. On average, patients had been suffering from neck pain on and off for approximately 10 years. Patients were split into 2 groups, receiving either:

  1. 12 chiropractic spinal adjustments over a 6 week period, or
  2. Acetaminophen 4X/day plus 12 visits with a nurse over a 6 week period.

Both groups were also instructed to exercise and use a heating pad. At the end of the 6 weeks, patients who received the chiropractic spinal manipulation reported a significant improvement in neck pain and function, showing increased range of motion and strength. Patients receiving medication and nurse care showed no significant changes or improvements. Researchers are currently performing a long-term follow-up.

  1. Baker B. Family Practice News 1996; June 1:14.

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